A beautiful English garden effect using historic  blue stone


Made in America

We at Peter G. Hill Designs, Inc. have become the largest suppliers of hand harvested and artistically created “RECLAIMED STONE” from the 1800’s. We literally harvest and repurpose the “FOUNDATION STONE OF AMERICA” that is, or was, what formed our country. Every sidewalk, curbing, step, roadway, foundation and building in America was made from Bluestone, Granite, Sandstone, Cobblestone and Brick. We reclaim these materials, repurpose them and PRESERVE America’s foundation stone.

Never again will you see the artistic quality of hand craftsmanship, beauty, functionality and longevity of materials like these after all, they have already been used and stood the test of time for 100 to 300 years.


Join us at Peter G. Hill Designs,Inc as we bring one of a kind, reclaimed materials of warmth, beauty and longevity, all crafted by hand, literally “MADE IN AMERICA," to you.


Please pay particular attention to some of our newest additions, especially reclaimed SANDSTONE which is one of the most beautiful products harvested in the 1800’s and Re-Harvested by us in 2017. Sandstone is the best stone ever in warm and “HOT” climates for patios and walkways.




In preserving the integrity of the stone from breakage as well as preserving the valuable patina (it has been exposed to nature for 200 years which in itself creates it's own unique patina on the stone), Peter G. Hill Designs, Inc has devised a proprietary system of foam installation that gives flexibility and protection of this valuable stone of American history in its transport to its new home.

Every stone is selected and handpicked "Harvested" by our team.

Shipping of the Stone


"We hand pick and harvest our stone. We will not buy, harvest, sell a piece of reclaimed stone that does not meet our high standards. We rate our stone from a one to a 10- 10 having no delamination and can be used for indoor applications.
No one in the country meets and processes reclaimed stone with these standards." - Peter G Hill