Founder and Creative Visionary

Peter G. Hill Designs, Inc.

Peter Hill of Newport, Rhode Island, is a recognized and respected expert in the field of reclaimed stone and architectural elements for over 30 years.  Mr. Hill proactively reclaims, preserves and re-purposes American historical treasures.


Combining his experience with antiques and vintage stones and his love and respect for American History, he incorporates these historical assets into modern design as well as historical restoration projects.


During the last 25 years, Mr. Hill noticed an alarming trend – the disappearance of some of our country's greatest historical assets.  Historical landmarks and old antique buildings are being demolished to make room for new developments. Some of these buildings are not only historical works of art, but they also help paint the picture that is our country's history.


In an effort to help preserve some of these precious historical elements, Mr. Hill and Mr. Thomas Murray, Director of Operations, began working with developers, homeowners, municipalities and real estate professionals to purchase these historical elements and salvage them before they are lost forever.


 In addition to salvaging pieces of American history, Peter G. Hill Designs, inc. is one of the largest suppliers of both reclaimed bluestone, sandstone, and reclaimed stone curbing (granite, bluestone, sandstone) as well as unique forms of other stone including brownstone, limestone, and slate in the New England area. Peter G. Hill Designs offers a wide variety of vintage/antique cobblestones as well as reclaimed quarry cut stones suited for any project and can deliver anywhere within the United States.  


If you are looking for a piece of Americana or in the market for some antique or repurposed/reclaimed stone, look no further than Peter G. Hill Designs. For questions or additional information, please contact us anytime.


Thank you for choosing Peter G Hill Designs, Inc for all of your antique and repurposed stone needs!